Kyle Keith Jones is a Plainfield, New Jersey native who grew up in a working-class neighborhood and came to DeKalb County over two decades ago with little more than a dream to be part of protecting and serving the public.  He was born into a public service family who instilled in him the values that have served as the guideposts throughout his life: hard work, integrity and treating all people with respect. He began his law enforcement career on June 25, 1995, as a graduate from the DeKalb County Police Academy where he earned his Georgia Peace Officer Standards (P.O.S.T.) certification.   Kyle became a street beat officer immediately out of the academy and earned a supervisory certificate from Georgia P.O.S.T.

Kyle served for approximately 20 years between the DeKalb County Police Department (DKPD) and Sheriff’s Office, where he held every rank from Police Officer, Special Investigator, Police Sergeant, Commander of the DeKalb County Police Department Fraud and Financial Crimes unit, Supervisor of the DeKalb County Police Department Internal Affairs Unit, Deputy Sheriff Sergeant, and finally Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant Administrative Aide to the Sheriff.

During his time with DeKalb County, he received several awards, citations, commendations, and led DKPD through the implementation of significant reforms. Kyle implemented numerous improvements that resulted in safer communities, increased morale, and enhanced community relations.  These improvements included handling complex criminal and internal investigations for DeKalb County government employees-- including firemen, police officers, and civilian employees. In addition, he wrote policies and procedures, prepared Homeland Security Emergency preparedness drills, and planned major operational briefings, and trained on executing search warrants.  Kyle’s extensive law enforcement background also includes working closely with the FBI, Secret Service, Postal Inspector, and DEA on organized covert operations. 

Kyle’s involvement in the investigation into the assassination of Sheriff-Elect Derwin Brown left an indelible imprint on his life.  Investigating the tragic and untimely death of Sheriff-Elect Brown gave Kyle a better understanding of the role of the Sheriff and the responsibilities associated with being the chief law enforcement officer in the county.   Further, it solidified his stance on the preservation of human life, the importance of police integrity and accountability. Lastly, this incident crystallized his passion to make DeKalb County a safe and better place for all citizens. 

From his first day on the job as a police officer, Kyle has stressed the importance of treating all members of our community with respect, being transparent with and accountable to the individuals that the DKPD serves, and creating an environment that recognizes and rewards character, competence, and compassion.  He is committed to ensuring that safe streets and neighborhoods enable all residents and businesses in DeKalb’s diverse County to thrive. He is also a believer in prevention-oriented strategies and dedicated to proactively addressing the root causes of crime -- including mental illness, homelessness and the challenges facing youth at risk.  

Kyle is also a believer in the importance of education, both in the classroom and on the job.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from American Intercontinental University and completed studies at Georgia Military College and the University of Phoenix.  He has also earned a Basic Jail certification from Clayton County Regional Academy and relevant coursework from DeKalb County P.O.S.T. including but not limited to: Criminal Procedures, Interviews, and Interrogations, Search Warrants and Affidavits, Policing and the Internet, and Fraud Investigation Methods.

Kyle is currently working with Behavioral Health and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center advocating for individuals that suffer from these illnesses. Additionally, he is an Employee Union Representative for the Federation of Public Service (FPSE) and AFCME Georgia Local 1644, AFL-CIO, and Chairman for the Dekalb County Merit Systems Citizen Review Board.

If elected as the next Sheriff of DeKalb County, Kyle is committed to helping make a community that is safe and trouble-free as well as work hard to protect citizens from the dangers of crimes and accidents.  Kyle believes that the citizen’s support is needed to help prevent and solve crimes, keep the courts and jails running efficiently and keeping traffic moving smoothly and safely.  

Kyle is deeply committed to the philosophy of community policing and corrections, wherein officers and citizens work together to identify and seek long-term solutions to problems relating to crime, fear of crime, neighborhood decay, and quality of life.  If elected, Kyle’s primary goals will be:

  • To combat corruption and cronyism in the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office.

  • To advance the principles of democracy and restore trust back in law enforcement officials

  • To place the highest value on the preservation of human life

  • The prevention of crime and the reduction of the current recidivism rate 

  • To involve the community and community resources in the delivery of its services

  • To train law enforcement staff and hold them accountable to professionalism and integrity


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