To break the former Sheriff's stronghold on the Sheriff's Office budget and operation by conducting a forensic audit, and identifying problem areas and take corrective action where necessary, not limited to prosecuting any and all individuals involved in corrupt and criminal practices. 



The causes of crime are complicated. But our fundamental values and principles as Americans are simple: that all people are created equal, and should be respected, and protected equally under the law; specifically, rights that are guaranteed to each citizen by the Constitution.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon law enforcement officials to enforce the law and deliver a variety of other services in a manner that not only preserves, but also extends our precious American values.  

Public officials especially, including police officers, must treat all communities fairly and earn their trust. As the next Sheriff of DeKalb County, I will work closely with DeKalb and other surrounding law enforcement agencies to implement best practices in policing and build cultures of transparency, accountability, and respect.



The culture of a police department reflects what the department believes in as an organization.  These beliefs are reflected in the department’s recruiting and selection practices, policies and procedures, training and development, and ultimately, in the actions of its officers in law enforcement situations.  


As the next Sheriff, I will work with law enforcement agencies and Police Chiefs to enhance policies, procedures, and sensitivity training to help shape a new and better culture for DeKalb County. I will utilize and draw on my more than 20 years of law enforcement experience to help develop a set of values that are well articulated throughout the law enforcement agencies.  


Appropriate allocations of resources and response to the demands for service will be given top priority to those situations that threaten life. 


Cutting recidivism and preventing crime is the key to managing costs while ensuring public safety. If recidivism rates can be reduced and more young people can be prevented from ever committing crimes in the first place, fewer prison beds would be needed. There would be fewer crime victims and fewer offenders entering or returning to the system. There would be DeKalb County taxpayer savings, as well. For these reasons, recidivism reduction and crime prevention are at the heart of my work and one of my primary focus areas as the next Sheriff of DeKalb County.  


I will develop the following programs that will be well implemented and properly targeted to prevent crime, reduce recidivism rates, and enhance public safety:

  1. Education and Vocational Programs 

  2. Substance Abuse Treatment Programs 

  3. Sex Offender Treatment Programs 

  4. Mental Health Treatment Programs 

  5. Restorative Justice Programs 

  6. Juvenile Offenders Programs 

  7. Parent Management Programs 

  8. Community-Based Programs 


Law enforcement professionals require breadth and depth of knowledge and a continually evolving set of physical, technological, cognitive, and interpersonal skills to navigate our rapidly changing environment. However, many police officers and other law enforcement personnel often lack the competencies needed to keep pace with professional demands.  The law enforcement community has urgent and mission-critical workforce development needs. 


As the next Sheriff of DeKalb County, I am committed to collaborating with leaders in law enforcement and area colleges to identify education and training strategies aligned with specific roles and values for the law enforcement officers.  


I will use my more than 20 years in law enforcement and my training and certification background to develop training in the following areas:

  • Regional Diversity

  • Generational Differences

  • Technology

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving 

  • Ethics

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership and Management 

  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills 


In addition, I will foster a climate of accountability by establishing a Law Enforcement Code of Ethics whereby law enforcement officers recognize that in addition to representing his/her department, they also represent the law enforcement profession and government.  As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county, I will lead by example. My conduct, and the conduct of every law enforcement professional, both on and off duty, must be beyond reproach.  


As law enforcement officials, we cannot be successful in achieving our mission and goals without the support and involvement of the people we serve.  Crime is not solely a police problem, and it should not be considered as such. Rather, the crime must be responded to as a community problem. Thus it is important for the police and other law enforcement agencies to involve the community in our operations.  This sharing of responsibility involves providing a mechanism for the community to collaborate with law enforcement in the identification of community problems and appropriate strategies for resolving them. To be effective, this plan will require community relations and community education.  

I will work diligently to educate the community in the expectations they should have of the Sheriff’s Office and the expectations the Sheriff Office has of the community.  Community partnerships and engagement of the community in solving problems enhance law enforcement officials in fostering better economic development, better education in our schools, increased property values due to the decrease in crime in the area, more opportunities for jobs to come to the county, and an overall improvement in the quality of life.  

As the next Sheriff of DeKalb County, I will work with businesses, professional groups, social service agencies, religious and civic organizations, and other non-law enforcement agencies—both traditional and nontraditional to assist in dealing with many of the problems and challenges that are plaguing our county.  I will be calling on citizens of DeKalb to donate time, effort and support of programs that make DeKalb an ideal place to live, work, and play.  

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